9531km and 7 hours, a working station&intersection between TW-NL. Timothy Liu is a social designer and researcher current based in the Netherlands.


Graduated from MA Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In his practice, he explores the intersection of speculative design, installation and curation. He uses narratives and impossible objects as tools to investigate the social and cultural mechanisms where he questions the normality within our social infrastructure which unfold in the notion underlying the rapid development of cultural transformation and hybridity beyond an assumed hierarchy.


“I believe norms are based on our trust in authority and the system. Through questioning and searching for possibilities outside the conventional spectrum, I have constructed a practice of rethinking and gradually deconstructing trust in our social landscapes, challenging the current system and hegemony. These are often imposed by classic social categories; a dualistic structure of thinking, and the spectacle of advanced capitalism.”

It's an inquiry of “normal”, and confrontation of “abnormal” with a critical mind that stretch our collective imagination to enact possibilities, prototype the uncanny and creating a chance to think about how reality can change.


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He also works as a freelance graphic designer focusing on visual identity(VI), branding and graphic design. He undertakes design work across a broad spectrum, applying his graphic design techniques with his social design perspective, from two-dimensional graphics to spatial design such as exhibition and signage systems.


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Liang-Chun Liu






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