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Timothy L.C. Liu (TW) is a social designer and researcher based in the Netherlands.


Graduated from MA Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He explores the intersections between design, art practice, and social contents. To question the relation of normality within our social infrastructure, he uses different media (video, performance, installation,and publication). He focuses on the subtle phenomenon that intervenes in our daily routine and its effects on our society landscapes, using design as a medium to stimulate discussion and debate. Recently he is research into the notion of education structure, modern love relationship, and existing and emerging technologies and its paradoxes. His work has been exhibited and presented at Temporary Art Center (2019), Dutch Design Week(2018), The Living Museum(2018), Droog, Device People(2018), Water School, IABR International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam(2018), Dutch Design Week(2017); curating exhibition Tracing Borders, Eindhoven(2019)



For working practice, he is active in areas of social design, visual communications and curation.  Providing design services and creative strategy consultant. He has been commissioned by The Living Museum, Klap Klap Klap(2018), the National Onderwijs Museum, In Perspectief (2018), Water School, IABR International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam(2018), Studio Makkink & Bey, visual identity and communication design(2017-2018), Foppen(2018), HightechXL, identity and communication design (2019).



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