Herring almanak, 2015


About hundred years ago herring fishery was the main profession in Enkhuizen. You can easily tell the glorious time from the traces on the ancient architectures in the city. But everything changed since the dike built in 1924 to protect the city from flood which accidentally freeze this culture in a time capsule. Through this project we reopened the time capsule in the context of disappearing herring. Creating a new dynamic museum based on the historical rhythm of fishermen culture.


By following the principle of Enkhuizen almanak we propose a new almanac with 15 events enhancing main aspects, both historical and actual herring life. We look into the fishery culture nowadays and before. This is a year program represent a repetitive cycle. We choose to focus on the new Herring day which is the most important day of the year. We propose a dinner experience about herring without herring. Representing the timeline of the whole past year. The dinner is a story and the script (almanac) is constructed as an analogy between events and dishes. Through this dinner you experience not only the history and situation now in Enkhuizen but also invent a new tradition of "The great herring new year”.





with Yoko Wong, Audrey Large and Théophile Blandet



metal, plastic, wires, heater and nacho