Klap Klap Klap, 2018


What are novel ways to articulate your self-expression? Klap Klap Klap is a social laboratory to experiment with individual stories and their unique forms of expression. Collaborating with the Living Museum, a large atelier where host homeless people, metal issues individuals or other residents can explore their crave talents free from stigmatization.  Applying speculative strategy into the local community to transform the museum with a new look to their community and translate the beautiful stories into speculative tools to perform in a different way. The collection of speculative devices in the social laboratory enable people to paint beyond the restrictions of their body and to stimulate the conversations between people. The tools can be seen as an extension of the artist: it stimulates them to paint in different way, it strengthens a specific talent or helps them to deal with a personal challenge in their life. It’s a self-initial project to start the collaboration with different local community and future whoever in need.









Living Museum Eindhoven



with Studio JoesManon

social map @Van Abbe Museum


Photo: JoesManon



Studio Timothy Liu + Studio JoesManon